Monday, August 02, 2004

Advanced Plasmatic

According to this, Richie Stotts (formerly of the Plasmatics) has written four songs with Canadian adult-contemporary singer-songwriter Carla Lother. Apparently Stotts no longer has his old mohawk, which is the most overt hairstyle of them all (unless worn by an advanced artist). The Plasmatics were known for blowing up TVs and driving buses off cliffs, whereas Lother has done "numerous jingles for the likes of Maxwell House and MasterCard." He said when he first saw her play that "it was a great show, but her music was...Celtic-influenced." Since leaving the Plasmatics, he went back to school and got a degree in geology and now works at "the computer department of a Wall Street financial firm."

Let's see: he went from punk to adult contemporary, embrace the World Beat, and is an IT guy on Wall Street. I believe this gentleman is advanced.

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