Wednesday, August 25, 2004

How Many Umlauts in "Reality"?

Well, Tommy Lee is going to be on a reality show where he goes to college. This is a coincidence because I have been thinking a lot about whether Motley Crue is an advanced band. I have specifically wondered about Tommy Lee, especially with that rock-rap band he put together a while back. Now that he is going to be on this reality show, I have my verdict: not advanced. That might surprise you, but I think that doing a reality TV show has become an overt thing to do. Now if Bob Dylan were to do a reality show, that would be advanced because he has a lot invested in keeping himself mysterious, making the show risky. Plus, people are actually interested in what makes Bob Dylan tick. However, Tommy Lee is currently pretty much off the radar as a musician, and no one really cares what he's doing these days. Basically, the show is a bit desperate, and that is overt. I like the idea of a musician like Tommy Lee going to college, but it is much more advanced to do it quietly like Duff McKagan, who got a degree in finance without alerting the media. I know Vince Neil was on a reality show, but I don't think that makes Tommy Lee's new show any more advanced or overt.

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