Monday, August 16, 2004

Tangled Up in Twyla

Well, I'm back from my honeymoon. Thanks to my guest bloggers who had me reaching for my dictionary and a kleenex.

So here's this from the NY Post:

TWYLA Tharp, who scored a triumph last season with "Movin' Out," that great contemporary ballet set to the music of Billy Joel, has been meeting with another fabled songwriter — Bob Dylan — about fashioning a musical from his catalogue of standards. Details are sketchy, since the project is supposed to be "top secret," says a source. But Dylan is said to have approached Tharp after seeing "Movin' Out." The two have met a handful of times, and Tharp has brought the project to the Nederlanders, who produced "Movin' Out." Tharp, sources say, is giving the Nederlanders a preview of the show at her apartment next week. The Nederlanders declined to comment on the Tharp-Dylan project.

That Bob Dylan approached her and not the other way around is pretty advanced. If Dylan was that excited about "Movin' Out," I might have to rethink my position on Billy Joel.

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