Friday, August 27, 2004

Lou Reed as Morrissey

I didn't hear about this because it was on my wedding day. But here is a great news item from NME:

LOU REED saved the day at BENICASSIM today (August 7) following MORRISSEY’s shock no-show.

Fans who had travelled miles to see the former Smiths frontman’s first ever Spanish performance had been downheartened as the evening went on. But with a little help from Belle And Sebastian, the former Velvet Underground star more than made up for the loss with a set packed with favourites.

Opening with ‘Turn To Me’, the set took in ‘Sweet Jane’, ‘Jesus’, and a version of ‘Venus In Furs’ that opened out into a breathtaking cello solo. Ravers on-site may have been disappointed that his rendition ’Satellite Of Love’ was not the new dance version.

Reed closed with a triumphant version of ‘Walk On The Wild Side’.

At a press conference before the show, the star gave a few hints about his future plans: “I’m a big fan of a lot of the dance music in the clubs. I’m thinking about doing something and merging it with rock, I’m thinking about that. I’m working on some music that I’m gonna put on the website, that’s not for a big record company. It’ll be music to meditate to.”
I like the idea that Lou Reed is somehow a substitute for Morrissey. But what's most exciting to me is that bit about his "merging" dance music and rock. (Why didn't I think of that?) Needless to say, whatever that music sounds like it, it's going to be advanced. Oh, and please note the song his set closed with. Good ol' one-hit-wonder Lou Reed!

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Joe said...

Lou Reed? A fan of dance music in clubs? Website? hahahahahaha I detect a hint of sarcasm