Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Largehearted Boy Playlist: Advanced Genius Theory

Read it here. Here's a bit of what you'll be reading:
Jason Hartley's The Advanced Genius Theory puts forth an interesting hypothesis, that even though the true advanced geniuses in the arts may seem to eventually slip, it is our own critical response to their latter works that is lacking. Though I didn't agree with all his examples, I did enjoy the book from its first page to the last.

This is one of the year's most thought-provoking books about music and pop culture. Some will agree and others will disagree with this book's theories, but The Advanced Genius Theory is sure to spark debate and discussion.

In his own words, here is Jason Hartley's Book Notes music playlist for his book, The Advanced Genius Theory: Are They Out of Their Minds or Ahead of Their Time?:

About six years ago, Chuck Klosterman wrote an Esquire article that brought the Advanced Genius Theory out of my bedroom and into the larger world. Though I did a terrible job of explaining it to him, he managed to summarize the spirit of theory perfectly, writing, "When a genius does something that appears idiotic, it does not necessarily mean he suddenly sucks. What it might mean is that he's doing something you cannot understand, because he has Advanced beyond you." Hopefully the following list of songs will add to your understanding of the theory, and you will then start on a journey of self-discovery that is Advancement.
The songs I chose are:
  1. Original Wrapper (Lou Reed)
  2. Jokerman (Bod Dylan, Late Night version)
  3. If I Can Dream (Elvis)
  4. Time After Time (Miles Davis version)
  5. Interstellar Overdrive (CVB version)
  6. All For Love (Sting, Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart)
  7. When Love Comes to Town (U2 and BB King)
  8. Third Uncle (Brian Eno)
  9. Take Me Home (Phil Collins)

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