Wednesday, August 18, 2010

More From Readers

Got an interesting note from Brad O'Neill from Berkeley, CA, who I expect is smarter than I am. I'll include his nice words because books sales are slow and I need to feel better about myself, but it's the questions that are more important:
1. You are correct about James Joyce. I do encourage you to give Pynchon a chance for the same reasons when you make it to the late 20th century in your readings. V and Gravity's Rainbow are his Overt works of genius. He activated higher circuits like Joyce. I actually suspect that its why you're drawn to Joyce, based on the beautiful way you described your interactions with his writing and its unfolding of spirit over time. The few writers we have who have stepped into higher levels of consciousness and can write FROM it, but not ABOUT it, are the real gifts of the species.

2. You're also 100% correct regarding Woody Allen. Its fun to find other gen X Americans who will say and write this. We are not legion. I judge all women I potentially date based on reactions to a procedural watching of Crimes & Misdemeanors, Hannah & Her Sisters, and Annie Hall... All approachable lay-up stuff. We proceed from there, as merited.

Two questions for the author:

1. Have you given any deeper consideration to intellectuals or scientists who may be Advanced? You're clearly a fan of science and letters and allude to Einstein several times... just wondering what your thoughts are. There is a rogue's gallery of interesting off-the-rails scientists and thinkers who have some hallmarks of what you describe.

2. Also, what about when Middle and Late Advanced Stage behavior ends up becoming co-opted and territorialized by lesser artisits/thinkers? Is there a distinction pro/con in your mind relative to Advancement when the Advanced artist's Advanced work does become comprehensible to a wider audience and they then "reconnected", "forgiven" or "saved" or even more overtly, direct homage is paid to their work through imitation, incorporation, etc? Or does that mean it was Overt or a reversion? I'm trying to ascertain your structural parameters. Related: Does it matter if this happens in their lifetime?
And my response:
I've definitely thought about intellectuals and other scientists, but I feel like I need to be something of an expert in the field to judge Advancement or the genius's Advancement has to transcend my limited understanding of their work. Wherever there are top minds working, I would imagine Advancement would also be there.

As for your second question, I'm have a difficult time following you, but here's my best try: if a work is immediately understood, it's Overt. If it takes a long time for people to get it AND it is done by an Advanced artist, then it is Advanced regardless of how many Overt people coto appreciate it. Whether an artist is appreciated in his/her lifetime has no bearing on Advancement.


nexxus-six said...

read the book, thoroughly entertaining and thought provoking! I know you mentioned that having only one name aw in "Madonna" or "Prince" is definitely advanced, buit how about having a surname that is also a given name. Examples:
Hans Robert, Katherine Elizabeth....etc.

Advanced Genius Theory said...

if it is the artist's choice (rather than the name they are given), that could be an interesting thing to think about.

thanks for the nice words about the book!

nexxus-six said...

Another nomination: Billy Bob Thorton! Clearly advanced!!