Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Grateful Dead Auction: We Bought Jerry's Toilet


Jerry Garcia's dishwasher, toilets and other home appliances will be auctioned by a nonprofit group hoping to raise more than $100,000. The items, which also include stereo cabinets, cupboards and a freezer, will be available for bidding on the online auction site eBay from Dec. 18-24. Revenue will benefit the Sophia Foundation, a San Francisco Bay area nonprofit that aids children and families during marital separations and divorces, said the group's chairman, Henry Koltys.

..."There's a lot of Deadheads out there with money, and they want a piece of Jerry somehow," [Koltys] said.
Finally, his actual toilet is available! I've bought a lot of inferior bootlegs of Jerry's toilet over the years, so it will be nice to get the real one. I've also heard that some Deadheads are going to be boycotting his toilet because the Dead have disallowed toilet file sharing, but I think that's just silly.

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