Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kate Bush Cheats Death


Kate Bush will speak in her first broadcast interview for more than 12 years this Friday (November 4). The singer, who has been absent from the music scene in recent years, will break her silence in a special interview on BBC Radio 4's Front Row at 7.15pm. She talks openly about avoiding the media, her frustration at completing her first album - Aerial - in more than 10 years and motherhood.

Bush tells John Wilson: "I'm very opinionated. I'm horrible to work with; I'm so fussy and picky. What's good is that I know what I want. It's when you don't know what you want that you're in trouble. "There were so many times I thought I wasn't going to have the energy to see it (the album) through. I knew I couldn't go on any longer or it would have killed me. I was so fed up making it."
I love when a successful musician says that making an album nearly caused them to die. A typical day in the studio for someone like Kate Bush probably starts around noon, all her needs would be provided for, someone else would make sure that everything is working properly, she'd go home if she wasn't "feeling it," she would probably do as many takes as she likes to get just the right one, and everyone would tell her how great she is. I'm sure she was stressed about making a good record and all, but there was no need to call the medics. Anyone who has the privilege of making an album should thank their lucky stars and never say that they didn't have the energy to complete it. If she wants to try something grueling, she should try being a blogger who posts up to five times in a single day!


Anonymous said...

You are a fucking twat.

Jason Hartley said...

So am I.