Monday, November 14, 2005

"Q" Magazine Gets It All Wrong


"Leave it to the cheeky English music magazine Q to poke fun at music royalty who don't exactly live up to the sex/drugs/rock 'n' roll image. The November issue administers spankings to pop stars who indulge their inner nerd, such as: Brandon Flowers, frontman for the Killers; Beck; Moby ('I read The New Yorker and The Economist cover to cover every week. I swim, play tennis and go canoeing on occasions'); Chris Martin of Coldplay; and the No. 1 dud, Lou Reed, former walk-on-the-wild-side hellion now into tai chi, designing his own line of eyewear and grumbling about the lousy quality of file-share music."

Obviously "Q" doesn't realize that if you continue being a "wild-side hellion" into your fifties, you're usually pathetic or dead. In case you're wondering, being fit and having a stable life (being a "dud," I guess) is Advanced.

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