Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Ink and Dagger Drummer Sues Microsoft


A member of a defunct Goth-punk outfit, Ink and Dagger, is suing Microsoft for alleged copyright infringement. Drummer Ryan McLaughlin filed suit against the software giant in Philadelphia last month, alleging that it appropriated three Ink and Dagger tracks for its Xbox game Amped without securing the proper licensing. Microsoft won’t comment on pending litigation.

In an interview with the Philadelphia Weekly, McLaughlin surmised that the band’s label, the now defunct Initial Records sold the rights to the songs, taken from 1998’s The Fine Art of Original Sin, to the software company for the game, released in 2001. McLaughlin claims the label had no authority to sell rights to his songs.
This is, of course, just sour grapes because Bill Gates' Goth-punk outift, Point and Click, once beat Ink and Dagger in a battle of the bands. Something tells me Gates will come out on top in this battle as well.

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