Tuesday, November 29, 2005

More Morrissey and Morricone

From billboard.com:

Morrissey says his new album, "Ringleaders of the Tormentors," has "no link to the past" and that it is "not a continuation" of his 2004 comeback, "You are the Quarry." Answering questions from fans on the authoritative fan site True to You, the former Smiths frontman credited producer Tony Visconti and engineer Marco Martin for pushing him creatively.

"Tony has been a very uplifting influence," Morrissey said. "[He] has done a great job as producer and I'm honored to have worked with him. Marco Martin, who engineered, also played such a big part in the overall sound."

...Expected in March, the 12-track "Ringleaders" will feature the song "Dear God Please Help Me," which boasts string arrangements by legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone. "[It] was very flattering because he'd turned so many multi-million selling pop acts down (I won't mention their names -- U2, David Bowie, etc.), so I was delighted that he said yes to scruffy old me," Morrissey said. "He was very shy, and he was heavily surrounded and shielded, and there was no way that he and I would end up at the local pub playing darts," he continued. "But that's OK."
If Morricone were to play Morrissey in darts, I would suggest that Morrissey yell "Ennio face!" every time he made a good shot.

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