Wednesday, November 09, 2005

k.d. lang Lays Suit on Lapp

From Yahoo!:

Singer k.d. lang is suing her former business manager, alleging that hundreds of thousands, or possibly millions, of dollars in excessive fees were fraudulently drawn from the musician's account.

The Grammy-winning Canadian vocalist filed suit Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court against Annabel Lapp, her company the Annabel Lapp Group and Lapp Group employee Dina Correale. The action seeks unspecified compensatory and punitive damages.

The suit claims that the total amount of allegedly misappropriated money could not be determined because Lapp has failed to turn over the vast majority of lang's financial and business records.

...According to lang's suit, Lapp represented lang and her touring entities from 1990 until September 2 of this year, when the musician terminated the business manager.

Lapp allegedly wrote checks on lang's business accounts without disclosing the amount of the fees or seeking or obtaining lang's approval for the payment of such fees.

The suit also alleges that during the week of September 6 -- following Lapp's termination by lang -- the one-time business manager wrote five checks totaling $22,000 on lang's accounts without her knowledge or consent.
Another of her grievances was that Lapp didn't stop the workday to mark lang's 100th career touchdown. Also, k.d. can prove that it wasn't she who authorized the checks because the signature had capital letters. Finally, Lapp couldn't explain why she became Miss Chatelaine, which was the final straw.

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