Thursday, November 03, 2005

R. Kelly: Authentic Weirdo

From Yahoo!:

Parts one through twelve of the dramatic, over-the-top cheating story ["Trapped in the Closet"] were released on DVD this week. Kelly says he actually had 22 chapters completed — "and (it's) still going."

"Other characters are being introduced into the whole situation, and it's just this big whirlwind, a circle of just drama, of things that really do happen on the earth," he told The Associated Press. "It's gonna flip people out because some people are going to see themselves in these chapters, and that's what keeps the excitement going — I think that's what keeps people going, 'I've got the get the next one!'"

It's not Kelly's only project: He's working on Michael Jackson's all-star charity record to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina, which he called "unbelievable." He says his own hurricane relief album will be released in the next few months.

...Kelly faces trial on three-year-old charges of child pornography stemming from allegations he videotaped sexual acts with a teenage girl. The singer has denied the allegations, and no trial date has been set.

"I'm going through my own struggle, my own hurricane in a way, we all do, and you're either gonna fold or you're going to stand, and I believe in standing," Kelly said. "I believe in overcoming, and if I can do it, I wanna be that light so people can see me and feel they can inspired and say, you know, R. Kelly can get through this, I can get through this, so we can actually go through this together."
R. Kelly shows us all what it is to be a true weirdo, which is helpful when talking about the Advanced Theory (which started out as the Advanced Weirdo Theory). People who are Advanced are weird in a totally unrecognizable and unpredictable way, whereas the Overt are weird in obvious ways. Now if you were to ask who is weirder, Radiohead or R. Kelly, the average person would say Radiohead. But, I think it is clear that while Radiohead embrace standard-issue weirdness (and are therefore not truly weird), R. Kelly embraces a personal and unique weirdness (and is therefore very weird). In other words, Overt people look like weirdos and Advanced people are weirdos. I guess you could even say that the Advanced keep their weirdness on the DL.

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