Tuesday, October 12, 2004

The Case Against Sting

I think I can prove that Sting is not Advanced and that it was the other members of the Police who protected him from himself. I realized while running on the treadmill that Sting has never made a truly great solo record. His first couple were okay, but not great. On the other hand, Lou Reed made several great solo records over a long period of time. "Transformer," "Berlin," "The Blue Mask," and, to a lesser extent, "New York" and "Magic and Loss" are all widely considered to be great albums. But what has Sting ever done since going solo? He's made a bunch of jazz-backward, soporific blah-fests. The verdict: Sting is not Advanced.


Anonymous said...

Can jazz ever be advanced?

Jason Hartley said...

I don't know enough about jazz to say. My feeling is, though, that someone like Miles Davis would be a good candidate.