Friday, November 12, 2004

Frank Black in Nashville


As the Pixies' reunion tour plows ahead, singer/guitarist Frank Black plans to release two albums' worth of material recorded earlier this year in Nashville, with a solo trek to follow. As tipped here this summer, the first release will be titled "Honeycomb" but the second has yet to be named....

The Nashville sessions, which were literally finished days before Black joined his former Pixie bandmates on the road, feature an array of legendary players, including the Band's Levon Helm, Bob Babbitt, Spooner Oldham, Dan Penn, Duane Jarvis and Steve Cropper....

As for the Pixies, the band is currently being followed around by a camera crew for an eventual DVD release. Black hints a possible summer 2005 street date for the set, documenting the reunion tour, as well as backstage interaction between band members.

I think Frank Black has finally embraced being Advanced. Going to Nashville and playing with guys like Oldham, Penn, and Cropper is defiinitely a good thing to do. Very "Rattle and Hum." And speaking of which, it's also a nice move to make a movie about the Pixies reunion tour.

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