Friday, November 05, 2004

You Can't Stop Dee Snyder

Well, Dee Snyder has a musical coming out. I found out about it here. Here's a description of the musical, which is called "Van Helsing's Curse":

[It is] an elaborate goth stage show about an ancient evil force set loose in a town.

The music, a mash of classical riffs from Chopin to Grieg plus well-known horror-film themes ("The Omen," "The Exorcist"), is played with heavy-metal gravitas and volume. Snider, 49, came up with the idea three years ago after seeing a Christmas show by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Because of the show's size (18 musicians) and expense, "Van Helsing's Curse" is being performed only once in each of three venues. (Already performed on Long Island, N.Y., and the Philadelphia area, the play was also onstage Friday in Royal Oak.) But Snider thinks the project, suitable for ages 7 to 70, has enormous potential as a seasonal franchise.

"One of the casinos just saw a clip and wants to talk about putting it into Vegas next October," he enthuses.

"Six Flags is talking about doing a 20-minute version every hour on the hour. Plus there'll be touring companies, licensing entities. ..."

Dee Snyder is not advanced, but he is one of those people that advanced people can really enjoy. He has done a lot of things that would qualify him for advancement (dressing like a woman, "You Can't Stop Rock and Roll," the videos), but Twisted Sister just doesn't make the cutoff. Call him a B-List Advanced Rocker. In any case, it takes a pretty special hard rocker to brag that they want his musical at Six Flags.

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