Monday, November 22, 2004

Ivy-League Advancement, Plus a Shiny-Shirt Update

There is a review of Bob Dylan's show at Harvard at Here's what they had to say:

...despite the legendary hits and massive crowds, several students said they were disappointed with the show.

“I love Bob Dylan. I just don’t know what he’s saying,” said Alexander A.C. De Carvalho ’08. [This young man may be smart, but he's got a lot to learn.]

And while some students left the concert disappointed, other diehard fans said Dylan’s raspy voice did not get in they way of a good time. “I can’t understand a thing, but Dylan is Dylan. This is a pilgrimage,” said Sergio from New York. [Sergio has a better grasp of how to enjoy an Advanced artist.]

While dancing alone to the music, Kate A. Farrel of New Jersey, a graduate of Boston University and self-proclaimed Dylan fanatic, called the crowd “lame” because they weren’t “familiar with his new stuff.”

Farrel was not disappointed that Dylan didn’t play the guitar himself, a common complaint among students. She said Dylan was better off setting the tempo on the keyboard. She added that having him play would have been like “asking a dentist to floss. You can just have others do that.” [This strange floss comment shows that Kate is the most Advanced of all those interviewed. I've mentioned this before, but it is so Advanced for Dylan to play keyboards instead of guitar.]

In his cowboy hat, black silk shirt, and elegant black suit, Dylan, 63, charmed the crowd of young and old... [This is the best part for me because it seems that he is wearing the Shiny Shirt, which is the newest development in the world of Advancement.]

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