Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Outkast, Running Up That Hill (With Update)

Outkast is talked about so much that it has become kind of tiresome, which is why I rarely mention them. However, they are excellent candidates for Advancement. I don't know enough about hip-hop to say which acts are Advanced (though I suspect Ice T and Flavor Flav qualify), but Outkast seems to be on their way. The most recent example can be found at nme.com:

Outkast have revealed details of their busy year, with a movie and not one but two new albums on the way.

One half the hip-hop megastars, Big Boi, has been telling MTV about his reunion with estranged bandmate Andre 3000.

The pair made "Speakerboxx / The Love Below" as two solo albums, but they have reunited to make a feature film, "My Life In Idlewild."

Big Boi said of the Bryan Barber-directed picture: “It’s like two stories going on at the same time. Dre’s is like more a love story and mine is kind of crazy, wild… Bryan Barber did a really good writing the script, and it’s going to be real good!”

That's a pretty good, but what Big Boi had to say next was quite intriguing:

As well as the film soundtrack, Outkast release their next studio album in June, rumoured to be called '10 The Hard Way'. And Big Boi said how they were looking at some unusual collaborators:

"We’ve been trying to do a song with Anita Baker (as well as) Sade, maybe Kate Bush if we can find her. They say she’s crazy, so I don’t know what’s going on."

A collaboration with Kate Bush would be incredibly Advanced.

Update: But Advanced for whom? That is the question.

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