Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'll Have a Lou Christmas

For some reason, I got to thinking about Advancement potential in Christmas music. Then I wondered if Lou Reed every did anything special for Christmas. Well, I went to the Rock and Roll Animal Web Page and found this set list and accompanying comments:

Sweet Jane - Love Is Here To Stay - How Do You Speak To An Angel - Perfect Day - Men Of Good Fortune - Caroline Says II - The Kids - The Bed - Sad Song - White Christmas - Rock And Roll - Star Spangled Banner / America - Vicious - Street Hassle - Heroin - Walk On The Wild Side
("A very happy Lou on fine form. After "Love Is Here To Stay", he announces his engagement to Sylvia. Note also Lou's new-found patriotism, with "Star Spangled Banner" and the only known live perfomance of "America". Remember that at this time, Americans were being held hostages in Iran" - GORDON LYON)

I would love to hear his version of "White Christmas." And I'm beginning to think that patriotism might be Advanced.

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