Monday, November 08, 2004

Human Highway

That's the name of a movie directed by Neil Young. Here's a little something about it from

"The new owner of a roadside diner stuck in a town built around an always leaking nuclear power plant plans to torch the place to collect insurance. However, an assortment of bizare characters and weird events (such as spaceships flying around) gets in his way."

Well, that sounds wonderful. But there's more. Devo is in it. Here's a user comment:

"I'm watching this movie in anticipation of catching my two favorite actors, Dean Stockwell & Dennis Hopper, in a couple of offbeat roles....but wait, is that Devo? And who is the weird character in the doll's mask? And why is the art direction so...arty? And Neil Young, with buck teeth and thick glasses, acting like a kid brother of Jerry Lewis....hold on, this ain't no offbeat movie - this movie is so OFF the beat, it's incredibly hip! I couldn't stop watching the damn thing....yep, Neil is really singing "Tonight" from West Side Story while wiping the windshield, 'cause, you see, Russ Tamblyn is his buddy, and, oh forget it.....Then, to find out Dean Stockwell and Russ Tamblyn helped write this production...and, what, you say Stockwell directed it? I'm in love. And I will never put down Neil Young, either."

I think I'm going to have to sit down one night and watch this movie, "Get Crazy," and "Masked and Anonymous." It would be the most Advanced movie-watching I've done since going to see the Spice Girls movie and "Blues Brothers 2000" back-to-back.

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