Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Brian Wilson Rocks Out Like Phil Spector and the Rolling Stones

There is an article at Salon about Brian Wilson. Here's some of it:

S: What kind of piano do you have at home?

BW: I have a piano that's called a Yamaha piano. [I love that answer. -jh]

S: And Paul McCartney is your favorite of the Beatles?

BW: Oh yes. He's written so many songs, it can make your head swim. If you listened to the whole Beatles catalog in one sitting, you'd wind up feeling dizzy. That's how good he is at music. He can make you feel dizzy.

S: Do you listen to much classical music?

BW: Are you Jewish?

S: No ... Why do you ask?

BW: Just asking! No reason.

S: OK. Do you listen to much classical music?

I listen to Bach, and that's it. You know that album "Switched-On Bach"? I love that. I love it!!

S: Are you making a new record?

BW: Yeah, we just finished a Christmas record. And after that, we're going to do rock 'n' roll. Rock 'n' roll music.

S: The Rolling Stones kind?

BW: It'll be like the Rolling Stones. And it will also be influenced by Phil Spector's records. I think I can make a good rock 'n' roll album.

S: Are you writing the lyrics?

BW: No, I work with a friend named Steve.

S: What sorts of things does he write about?

BW: He writes about "you" and "me." "You, me" kind of songs. "I love you," "you caress me," "you make me feel good," that kind of thing. They make me feel good.

S: Do you think the music you're writing now is as good as "Smile" or "Pet Sounds"?

Yeah, the stuff we're doing is just as good as "Smile," and it's better than "Pet Sounds." And it's rock 'n' roll. And I think rock 'n' roll is the best bet for us to do now. I could record an album of ballads -- you know what I mean, "Brian Wilson Sings Ballads" -- but I'd rather go with "Brian Wilson Rocks Out Like Phil Spector," you know what I mean? Rock 'n' roll. [Begins clapping and singing about rock 'n' roll.]
Just about all of his answers are Advanced. It is especially Advanced for him to say that what he is doing now is better than "Pet Sounds" and to clap his hands and sing about rock'n'roll. I have mixed feelings about some of Brian Wilson's music, but I love his attitude.

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