Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Reznor Gets His

According to Yahoo!, Trent Reznor won his court case against his manager:

"A jury awarded Nine Inch Nails alternative rocker Trent Reznor $2.95 million after finding his former manager breached his contract and acted fraudulently, a lawyer said Tuesday. The jury in Manhattan federal court delivered the verdict Friday against John Malm, Reznor's longtime manager, said attorney Zia F. Modabber. The award likely would top $4 million when interest is added. Modabber said he called Reznor, who is on tour, with the news. 'He was almost silent at first. It's still sinking in,' Modabber said. 'It's been a difficult thing for him in a lot of ways. They were very, very close friends.'"

I'm guessing the $4 million will cushion the blow.

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