Tuesday, June 28, 2005

U2: Give Us Back Our Pants, Lola!

According to Yahoo!, U2 is suing the pants off someone:

Irish rock group U2 went to court Tuesday to recover 5,000 euros ($6,062) worth of memorabilia -- including a pair of lead singer Bono's trousers -- from a former stylist.

The multi-millionaires, who played to nearly 250,000 fans in three Dublin concerts over the last few days, are suing Lola Cashman for the return of a number of items she says she received as gifts.

Bono rejected Cashman's claim she had been given the articles, including a Stetson hat, a pair of black three-quarter length trousers and earrings worn by him on the band's 1987 Joshua Tree tour and in the 1988 film "Rattle and Hum."

"The stylists would never have asked for them and the band would never have given them," Bono told Dublin's circuit court, adding that while Cashman had a good eye for wardrobe, she had been difficult to work with.

"Almost every single person on the tour wanted her off the tour," he said, adding that while they were not part of the case he also wanted some 200 Polaroid photographs in her possession returned.
I like that the reporter describes the band as "multi-millionaires," I guess to point out that this is a petty lawsuit. Also, I wonder if Madonna character Lotsa Decasha is based on Lola Cashman. Finally, if Cashman was dressing them on their Joshua Tree tour, they should be suing her for a lot more than 5000 euros.

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