Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Franz Ferdinand: Color Us Overt

According to, Franz Ferdinand will not have a title for their second album:

The second record, due in September, will not have a title and will only be recognisable from the band’s debut by a change in colour scheme. Instead of dark brown, orange and cream, the second album will have a black, red and pale green cover. Singer Alex Kapranos explained: “The whole point is that the album doesn’t have a title. We decided quite a while ago that we didn’t want to give any of the albums titles, they were just going to be called ‘Franz Ferdinand’.” He added: “The albums are going to be identified by their colour schemes rather than a title. The contrast of different colours creates a different mood. We experimented with different combinations of colours and this one stuck. At one level they looked good together, and they capture the mood of this record quite well.”
I like Franz Ferdinand, but this no-title policy is very Overt. If they start to Advance, I have a feeling they might change their stance on titles. Or if the second album doesn't do well, my money is on their naming the third (after being pressured by the record company).

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