Thursday, June 30, 2005

Rerun DMC

According to, Run DMC is releasing expanded versions of some old classics:

Three of legendary rap trio Run-D.M.C.'s first four studio albums will be reissued in expanded form Sept. 5 via Arista/Profile/Legacy, has learned. "King of Rock" (1985), "Raising Hell" (1986) and "Tougher Than Leather" (1988) all feature rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks.

Led by such favorites as "You Talk Too Much" and "Rock the House," "King of Rock" began to foreshadow Run-D.M.C.'s eventual explosion into the mainstream, reaching No. 52 on The Billboard 200. The new edition includes the original version of "Slow and Low," later recorded by the Beastie Boys on "Licensed To Ill"; the previously unreleased long version of "Jam-Master Jammin'"; the B-side "Together Forever"; and a version of "King of Rock" recorded at Live Aid in 1985.

The expanded version [of "Raising Hell"] includes five previously unreleased extras: an a cappella version of "My Adidas," the original "Walk This Way" demo, "Lord of Lyrics," a "Raising Hell" tour radio ad and a commercial for "Live at the Apollo."

"Tougher Than Leather" is bolstered by an instrumental version of "Beats to the Rhyme," the demo for "How'd Ya Do It Dee," an unreleased song called "Crack," the seasonal "Christmas in Hollis" and an April 1987 commercial for Penthouse magazine. A liner notes essay by Public Enemy's Chuck D can be found on the group's official Web site.
Whether they're hanging out with Dr. Dre or Dr. Pepper, Run DMC will always have a special place in my heart, also known as my beatbox. And they are also Advanced.

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