Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Public Enemy: Hellfest Freezes Over

According to, Public Enemy will be appearing soon:

Legendary rap act Public Enemy has joined the extensive lineup for Hellfest 2K5, a three-day New Jersey festival that will boast 188 acts, most of which fall in the category of heavy rock music. Described as "a barricade-free, circle pit induced festival," the Aug. 19-21 event at Trenton, N.J.'s Sovereign Bank Arena will feature five stages of music as well as a flea market, tattoo convention and skate park.

With original members Chuck D, Flavor Flav and Professor Griff, the Public Enemy performance is being billed among Hellfest's reunion acts, which also include hardcore groups Youth Of Today, Bold, 108 and Good Clean Fun, upstart punk group Outspoken and metal act Killing Time.
I love how square Billboard can be: "most of which fall in the category of heavy rock music." Tell it to the ear, grandpa!

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