Friday, June 03, 2005

Pete Townshend: Only I Can Tarnish My Image

According to Yahoo!, Pete Townshend isn't crazy about the documentary about the Who that Murray Lerner is making:

A press release issued by Lerner and Spitfire last week hyped My Generation: Who's Still Who as the "definitive and authorized record of one of the most influential and highly regarded rock groups of the 20th century." It also stated that both Townshend and Who frontmant Roger Daltrey agreed to provide archival materials and music from their catalogue for the feature film, which is slated to hit theaters sometime in 2006.

"Roger, Pete and all of us are very proud to be working with Murray Lerner," said Bill Curbishley, whose company Trinifold Management manages the Who. "Our ambition is that this film will have all the epic qualities, energies and excitement of a great Who album. We have assembled a great team and look forward to getting to work."

All, that is, except for Townshend.

In a May 28 diary entry on, the 60-year-old guitarist took issue with the press release, denying that he was a producer on the flick and stating that the real "driving force" behind My Generation was Daltrey, the Who's managers and Spitfire honcho Nigel Sinclair. Townshend also lashed out at Lerner for "trying to create some controversy" after hearing the director lay out his vision for the documentary in a recent interview.

...Apparently worried the Who's history will play out like a soap opera-like production, Townshend threatened to withhold Lerner's access to the band's recordings unless the filmmaker focus more on the music. "I am the one in the Who family who writes science fiction musicals and operas, and my music--Who music--is not a commodity I will make unconditionally available to filmmakers. My entire mission is to preserve the integrity of Who music, and I'd rather offer it to sell soap than have it turned into a 'soap' by Lerner," said the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer..
Does anyone remember the Jiffy Lube commercial's use of "I Can See for Miles"? It changed the words to "I can drive for miles."

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