Thursday, June 16, 2005

Ric Ocasek: He's Got Nexterday

According to Advanced-looking Weezer-geezer (just kidding) Ric Ocasek has a new solo album coming out:

Former Cars leader Ric Ocasek will release his first solo album in eight years this fall. Due Sept. 27 on his own Inverse label via Sanctuary [of course], "Nexterday" will include such tracks as "I'm Thinking," "In a Little Bit" and "Don't Lose Me." Ocasek's last solo effort, 1997's "Troublizing," was co-produced by Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and featured contributions from Melissa Auf Der Maur and Bad Religion's Brian Baker. Late last year, the artist linked with Sanctuary after previously serving as a senior VP of A&R at Elektra.
"Nexterday" is an Advanced title. Also, I wonder how a workig musician who also works for a record label as a VP of A&R handles himself. Does he screw himself out of royalites? Does he refuse to release a record but hold onto the masters just in case? It seems like it would be a little like playing yourself in checkers. (Incidentally, "Playing Myself at Checkers...and Losing" is going to be the name of my second autobiography.)


Troublizing said...

Good to see you posting about Ric's new album i's been way too long for this guy to be away from making music.

The good news is it's new material. bad news it's only 41 minutes in length I wish Ric would realize that this is not 1984 and you can release CD's over 42 minutes. He has said he has over 30 songs for this album. Why not release all of them. It's not like his CD is going to go platinum in this day of age. I have a 24/7 Cars radio station on live called the "The Cars traffic Jam".

If you could provide a link for me somewher eon your blog that would be great. I will give you in exchange some advertising for your blog on mt station. I average about 30 minutes per listener a day.

Best Regards,


PaperDoll said...

Anxiously awaiting the new Ric O release...remember he's been talking about this for a LONG time, and the record was more or less done in 2003, as per his now defunct web-site.

Just to clarify, Ric is no longer A&R VP of Electra...he had that gig for a very short period of time...about a year. He now has his own imprint with Santuary (Inverse Records), and Nexterday will be released that way.

Cheers, and thanks for putting the spotlight on Ric,