Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Bob Dylan: Don't Think Twice, I'm Advanced

In the New York Times, there is an article by Jon Pareles about how Advanced Bob Dylan is, only Pareles doesn't really know that:

"Has there ever been a rock star as contrary as Bob Dylan? When taken for a folk singer, interpreting traditional songs, he started to write his own. When taken for a topical songwriter who would dutifully put his music behind party-line messages, and praised as the spokesman for a generation, he became an ambiguous, visionary poet instead. And when taken for an acoustic-guitar troubadour who was supposed to cling to old, virtuous rural sounds, he plugged in his guitar, hired a band and sneered oracular electric blues."

Pareles goes on to talk about the new Scorcese documentary and whatnot. There's a pretty funny anecdote about Bob Dylan calling politics trivial as he is awarded some honor having to do with "civil liberties" (that's actually the whole anecdote). Anyway, I'm looking forward to the documentary, and I'm sure I'll be writing a lot about it.

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