Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ministry: Just Another Oldies Act

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Ministry will mark its 25th anniversary as a band with a greatest-hits package. The pioneering industrial act hits the quarter-century mark this year with a 16-track best-of package, Rantology, due Sept. 27 from Sanctuary. It follows up last year’s House of the Mole (Sanctuary) (read Aversion’s review), and features retooled versions of Ministry staples such as “Stigmata,” “N.W.O.” and “Jesus Built My Hotrod.” While “Every Day is Halloween” is, as expected, ignored, Al Jourgansen and pals dish out a new track, “The Great Satan,” because they’re good like that. Or, as a neat way to promote the next Ministry album, on which it’s scheduled to appear. Take your pick.
Bear with me: Ministry has been around 25 years, which means they are old. One of their notable songs is "Jesus Built My Hotrod." When old people drive, they drive slowly, their heads are barely visible, and they often forget to turn off their blinker after a turn. Therefore, I have an image of Al Jourgensen and the folks in Ministry still driving the hotrod in question, but it is going 25 miles an hour, all you can see is the top of their cowboy hats, and the blinker is on. Hilarious, no?

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