Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Who: Hello, McFly

Here's something of interest about the Who, from the BBC:

Rock band The Who are to team up with McFly to record a version of their legendary 1965 hit My Generation to launch HMV's digital download site. The high street music chain, which launches its site on Monday, will be up against rival Virgin which launches its own download service on Friday.

...HMV Digital will provide customers with a choice of paid-for downloads or a monthly subscription service. The company will also create HMV Digital sections in its 200 stores around the UK to offer help to would-be downloaders. "One of the wonderful things about music is the way it spans all generations to bring fans together, whatever their age and background," said Mark Bennett, HMV head of digital. "My Generation is, without doubt, an all-time classic... I can't think of a better iconic anthem for HMV's new download service as it reaches out to existing fans and a new generation of music buyers alike."
Notice he says music "buyers" not "lovers." But at any rate, this is a bit of Advancement for the Who. I'm not the biggest fan (though I'm addicted to "Substitute" right now for some reason), but I guess they make the cut. The real question is, Who is more Advanced? Roger Daltrey or Pete Townshend? Townshend was responsible for "Psychoderelict" (from Wikipedia: Released in 1993, the album's songs tell the story of Ray Highsmith, a burned-out sixties rock star whose manager connives with a press reporter to re-invigorate the musician's career. Their plan: pretend to be a pretty fourteen-year-old girl trying to learn the ropes of singing stardom, sending pornographic photos of herself to him as part of the ruse. Later, they release the photos to the press along with the story, now tagged as the "Highsmith Porno Pen Pal" scandal. All of Highsmith's previous albums have just been re-released, and sales jump), but Daltrey did that "Daltrey Sings Townshend" business, among many, many other things. So it's hard to say.

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