Thursday, August 18, 2005

Hellfest: The Devil Is in the Details

Here's something interesting from Yahoo!/Reuters/Billboard:

The Hellfest music festival, scheduled for this weekend in Trenton, N.J., has been canceled due to concerns over whether organizers' insurance policy was adequate to cover the event. Organizers blame the move on "unreasonable demands" made on them at the last minute by Sovereign Bank Arena, which was to host the three-day event beginning Friday.

Among the acts confirmed to appear were Public Enemy, Killswitch Engage, Anti-Flag, the Misfits and Hatebreed. Refunds will be available from the Sovereign Bank Arena box office. "It was going to be a great event and it had a lot of potential," arena general manager Eric Cuthbertson told the Trentonian newspaper. "Unfortunately the event promoters failed to comply with the contractible obligation of the arena's lease agreement. They failed to meet schedules and deadlines which forced us into a corner where we had to cancel the event."

Helllfest organizer Shawn Vander Pohel told the paper that this year's insurance policy was identical to the one used for the past five Hellfests and that the arena "found some loophole" allowing them to cancel the show.
Finally, after all the people he's fooled with loopholes, the Devil gets a taste of his own medicine. Satan made be the prince of the netherworld, but his festival was no match for Sovereign Bank Arena.

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