Wednesday, August 31, 2005

John Lydon Can't Hack Bono

I got this from the New York Post:

SEX Pistols singer John Lydon isn't impressed with Bono's political activism. The aging anarchist snarled to "Every time I see Bono in those big fly glasses and tight leather pants I just can't hack it. I can't see that as solving the world's problems. He's crushing his testicles in tight trousers for world peace." Clearly on a roll, Lydon took a shot at another saintly rock royal — Live 8 organizer Bob Geldof. "It was a very shoddy and weak production," Lydon said of Live 8. "And there weren't enough black faces in the show for my liking. I don't don't think it achieved anything. Bob Geldof is too self-serving."
While Lydon is not at all self-serving.

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