Monday, August 08, 2005

Hello Yogyakarta!

Still Andrew writing:

Jeez, Jason must be recovering from a wild night drinking at Valentino's last night, so I guess I'll give him a hand and let his faithful readers know about big news in the world of Advancement, or Regression, depending on your view of things. (If you're a lawyer, or an Indonesian rock fan, I could see this being very welcome news.)

From a press release that more or less speaks for itself:

Steven Adler and Tracii Guns will be playing shows in Asia later this month. The band is called "Guns N' Roses Revisited"
and features, in addition to Steven and Tracii, Sheldon Mandrake of Love Planet (Lead Vocals), Keri Kelli of Adler's Appetite (Rhythm Guitar) and Robbie Crane (Bass). Sheldon is recording the debut album for his solo project Love Planet later in the year after recently signing a worldwide deal with Reality Entertainment. In addition to Steven Adler also being a member of Love Planet, the album will feature some very special guest appearances.

The dates are:

  • JAKARTA, 24 August 2005 @ Tennis Indoor Senayan, Jakarta
  • MALANG, 26 August 2005 @ Velodrome / Stadion Gajayana Malang
  • BALI, 28 August 2005 (A Mild Live Soundrenaline) @ Pulau Serangan, Bali
  • YOGYAKARTA, 30 August 2005 @ Stadion Mandala Krida, Yogyakarta
  • MEDAN, 1 September 2005 @ Selecta Royal Ballroom Lt. 5, Medan
  • SINGAPORE, 3 September 2005 @ Singapore Expo
  • MANILA (Philippines), 5 September 2005 @ Araneta Colliseum"

You gotta love a rocker named Sheldon Mandrake.


Anonymous said...

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Andrew Beaujon said...

A Doctorate OR a Ph.D? Oh, how to choose....

Jason Hartley said...

"Advancing your life"? Hey, they reall are reading my blog. I think I'll get a PhD. Or maybe just a doctorate.