Wednesday, August 03, 2005

No reply at all

Still Andrew writing: Britt Bergman, one of the inventors of the Advanced theory, can't get no respect in the Advanced Foundation (the ultrasecret Advancement email discussion group) these days. All he wants is for us to talk about some of our favorite band names and why. And he's getting what he calls the "Phil Collins treatment"—i.e., no reply at all. (I keep meaning to email him some but then I remember that I have all six episodes of "Dancing With the Stars" on tape and I get all distracted and end up doing nothing.) Britt mentions Foreigner as a particularly hilarious name for a rock group, something you couldn't get away with these days. On the other hand, what else are you gonna call someone from a different country? "Differently nationalitied"? Other ideas: Golden Earring for not meaning anything, and the Eagles for being desperately generic.

Make Britt happy and mention some band names in the comment field and why they're funny. Here's mine: Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds--why'd Joe Frank get both his names in there?


genevelyn said...

Chocolate Watch Band. Strawberry Alarm Clock.
I don't get the dessert meets timepiece thing. I used to think that these names were politcal statements. Check your Timex, and watch out for the band of chocolate bros, their day is coming. Maybe strawberry was code for Native Americans, the "red men", and their subjugation in the evil whitey run 60s would soon be over.
But, as all the members of both bands are white, my theories hold no syrup. So what gives?

Mark said...

proof that greatness trumps all:

The Beatles.

a truly hideous band name, however you spell it. but the band's kind of the best ever, so no one ever thinks about that.

Andrew Beaujon said...

You know who else is funny? All the Blues _______ bands. I heard a guy on the radio yesterday playing a song by someone I've never heard of, then mentioning he was a member of the influential British group Blues, Inc.. That doesn't sound like a very good business plan to me. There's also the Blues Image ("Ride Captain Ride"), Blues Traveler, and every town in the world has some bar band with the name the Blues Katz or somesuch.

Tasha said...

I like Ozark Mountain Daredevils. It sounds exciting, like a bunch of scruffy, motorcycle riding mountain men, but it's actually a couple of sexy sounding women.

Tasha said...

I just looked up the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, and they really are a bunch of scruffy men with no sexy women. This is disappointing. Isn't there a band named Hot Tuna?