Friday, December 23, 2005

Carmine Giovinazzo: Advanced Actor?

I just came across this bit at fishbowl:

I know I'm not the only LAT reader who looks forward to learning about the leisure habits of minor celebrities in the Thursday Calendar column 'My Favorite Weekend.' Who knew there were so many places in SoCal to order Eggs Benedict? This week's My-Favorite-Weekender is 'CSI: NY' star Carmine Giovinazzo, who takes a slightly unusual M.F.W. tack:

"I've been here since 1997, but I really don't know Malibu from Venice, so I might like to go by the ocean on a Friday night and hang out.... After that, I'd go see Lou Reed at a live show. He's a real storyteller with his songs.... I'd love to go out to the ballpark and see the Dodgers and Mets, or the Dodgers and Yankees if they had interleague play."

A baseball game and a Lou Reed show: That is a good Advanced weekend.

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