Friday, December 02, 2005

The Perhaps Advanced Donald Fagen's New Solo Record


Steely Dan principal Donald Fagen finds love in an airport security line, mulls the ramifications of a ghostly feline, chats up the late Ray Charles and ruminates on aging and death on "Morph the Cat," his first solo album in 13 years. The nine-track set is due early next year via Reprise.

...He woos an airport security screener on "Security Joan" ("Girl you won't find my name on your list / Honey you know I ain't no terrorist"), talks shop with Charles on "What I Do" ("He says, 'Don don't despair -- just take some time / You find your bad self -- you're gonna do just fine'") and imagines a "thuggish cult" taking over the U.S. government on "Mary Shut the Garden Door" ("So if you ever see an automaton in a midprice luxury car / Better roll the sidewalks up, switch on your lucky star").
Donald Fagen is one of those musicians that I'm tempted to call Advanced, but he hasn't really done any of the things Advanced people do. I just know that he is quite weird, but in a totally unique way, and yet his band is a classic-rock mainstay, even though they don't really play rock. Advanced or not, I really loved "The Nightfly" and the "New Frontier" video. That album is the soundtrack to some nice memories.

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Anonymous said...

I think the entire Dan is Advanced. I know you want to call Steely Dan Advanced. I do too. Their letter to Luke Wilson was advanced. Owen's response was pretty advanced too though, in that his very witty reply was unexpected. (I am not claiming he is advanced though as I think Wes Anderson makes all of Owen's choices.) You say you think Fagan might be advanced. You don't think Becker is? I would like to hear your thoughts on Steely Dan.