Monday, December 05, 2005

Kate Bush's "King of the Mountain": The Citizen Kane of Advanced Videos

You absolutely must see the Kate Bush video for King of the Mountain. (Go here.) Here's a quick-hitting list of what happens:

Black-and-white, Greek statues, headlines about the death of Elvis,white jump suit comes to life off a rack, dances with kate bush, switches to color as the Elvis suit flies with birds and drying laundry, Elvis tabloids, something to do with Russia, Kate cradles the suit, then if flies over the snowy mountains, signs of Elvis in "Yeti" county, dogsleddder (an elderly Elvis) dances with white suit, long live the king. Then a shot of a sled with "Rosebud" painted on it.

If you have any doubt about whether Kate Bush is Advanced, it will be erased after you watch the video.

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