Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Prince: I Am Spartacus


Prince, who famously scrawled "slave" on his face during a dispute with his record company in the mid-1990s, said yesterday (Dec. 13) he received everything he wanted in his latest deal with Universal Records. The pairing was first reported here last week.

"I got a chance to structure an agreement the way I saw fit instead of the other way around," Prince said during a news conference to promote the video for his new single, "Te Amo Corazon."

...Asked why he would sign on with the biggest record company in the world given his past clashes with major labels, Prince said, "I don't consider Universal a slave ship. I did my own agreement ... I got exactly what I wanted."
I wonder what it feels like to get exactly what you want. Good, I'm guessing.

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE Prince's new song because of the gentle flow of his voice and i've always loved Prince's music. once i heard this song i had to lsten to it over, and over to try and get the correct vibe that he's representing. i downloaded the song and i'd love to buy his newest album.


a great fan.