Saturday, December 03, 2005

Echo and the Bunnymen Advancement Watch

As you may remember, I don't think that Echo and the Bunnymen are quite up to the level of Ă…dvancement. A lot of people love them, and they made some good music, but they didn't do enough (weren't innovative, not ahead of their time, not influential enough, etc.) for me to give them the benefit of the doubt that the Advanced have earned. But I was impressed by this description of a recent show:

"Meanwhile, McCulloch was a major presence, having had a quarter century to perfect his stage persona. With Bob Dylan sunglasses and morning hair, right hand perpetually resting on the microphone and holding a cigarette, he was the perfectly aloof too-cool-for-school frontman. His voice is now more of a Lou Reed croak than a Jim Morrison baritone, and impeccable covers of "Walk on the Wild Side" and "Roadhouse Blues" proved his reverence for both singers."

Well, he may not be Advanced, but McCulloch is certainly giving it his best effort. Kudos to him.

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