Friday, December 16, 2005

Last Chance to Get the Keith Richards Electrocution Footage

From the NY Post:

A LONG-forgotten film showing the near-fatal electrocution of Keith Richards in 1965 is being auctioned off on The stunning, super-8 color flick, shows Richards hitting the floor of the stage after he accidentally touches his guitar strings to an ungrounded mike.... "I woke up in the hospital an hour later," Richards later recalled. "The doctor said [electrical shock victims] come around or they don't." [Bill] Wyman remembers that "[Richard's] guitar strings were severed and the ends were curled up, melted like fuse wire." Doctors said rubber soles on his Hush Puppies shoes probably saved the wild rocker's life. Richards is reportedly trying to obtain a copy of the flick for his archives. The auction ends today.
So I guess if you have your Hush Puppies on, you are ready for glitter rock'n'roll.

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