Friday, February 23, 2007

Ace Frehley Alive II

Let it be known:

"Contrary to published reports, Ace Frehley, formerly of KISS, is alive and well and working on his highly anticipated solo album. It has been erroneously reported on various websites and wire services that the legendaryguitarist had committed suicide. Not so! 'I don’t know how this ridiculous rumor got started,' smiles Ace, as he eats his daily allotment of wheat germ, preparing to jump back on his treadmill."

I think the treadmill has saved a lot of rockers' lives over the years. At any rate, glad that Ace is still on our planet, which, as you may remember, is not his home planet.


Anonymous said...

This is off topic, but today in the new york times about iggy and the stooges and they mention this:

He was often more than a little high. But these days Iggy Pop, a k a Jim Osterberg, is ferociously grounded. He swims and practices a form of tai chi, and his only vice, he says, is a few glasses of Bordeaux. Coming up on his 60th birthday, he bears signs of age: creased and ropy, he limps from cartilage lost in his right hip, and can’t hear well over ambient noise.

Could it be that Tai Chi is now a cornerstone of the Advacned artist lifestyle?

Philco Brothers said...

Wheat Germ? Tai Chi? After reading this nothing would shock me.

Advanced Genius Theory said...

Good eye on that one! I've written about the martial arts and Advancement on a few occasions. There is definite linkage.