Friday, February 02, 2007

Harry Chapin's Gory Story Song: "Sniper"

Thanks to Pandora, I discovered the positively Meatloafian "Sniper" by Harry Chapin (like Columbus discovered America I guess, because I would imagine there are aboriginal Chapin fans who have known this song for years), and I have to say it was an extremely Advanced listening experience. Chapin wasn't Advanced, of course, but to listen to that whole song is a highly Advanced exercise. Here are some of the lyrics:

"I didn't really know him.
He was kind of strange.
Always sort of sat there.
He never seemed to change.
He reached the catwalk.
He put down his burden.
The four sided clock began to chime.
Seven AM, the day is beginning.
So much to do and so little time.
He looks at the city where no one had known him.
He looks at the sky where no one looks down.
He looks at his life and what it has shown him.
He looks for his shadow it cannot be found.
He was such a moody child, very hard to touch.
Even as a baby he never smiled too much.
No no.
No no.
You bug me, she said.
You're ugly, she said.
Please hug me, I said.
But she just sat there with the same flat stare
That she saves for me alone
When I'm home.
When I'm home.
Take me home.

He laid out the rifles, he loaded the shotgun,
He stacked up the cartridges along the wall.
He knew he would need them for his conversation.
If it went as it he planned, then he might use them all.
He said Listen you people I've got a question
You won't pay attention but I'll ask anyhow.
I found a way that will get me an answer.Been waiting to ask you 'till now.
Right now !
Am I ?
I am a lover who's never been kissed.
Am I ?
I am a fighter who's not made a fist.
Am I ? If I'm alive then there's so much I've missed.
How do I know I exist ?
Are you listening to me ?
Are you listening to me ?
Am I ?"

I wonder how many people had to die to inspire this song? In any case, you should have a listen and see how Advanced you feel afterward.

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