Friday, February 23, 2007

The Jam Reunite Except for One Member

From Aversion:

"The Jam have reunited -- though the veracity of that statement hinges on how you define 'The Jam' and 'reunion.' The mod-punk band announced it will gear up for a new album and a British tour, though it will do so without its original singer/guitarist and primary songwriter Paul Weller. Bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler rustled up a replacement for Weller -- singer Russell Hastings and guitarist David Moore -- when they reform to mark the 30th anniversary of the act's debut effort, In the City, which was released in late April 1977 from Polydor. While many fans may bristle at the notion of the influential act without its principal member, it's a big step up for Buckler, who joined a Jam tribute band, The Gift, in 2005 (read full story)."

Nicely done, the Jam.


Anonymous said...

Is this really an advanced act? Because it seems to me any notion of advancement usually isn't based on the band, but on the actions of a primary creative figure in the band (Bono, Lou, Iggy). Paul Weller, I think, certainly is advanced if you consider his post-Jam career (check out his Wikipedia entry for a refresher: , and obviously reunions are advanced, but is it really advanced of the rest of the band to get together without him?


Anonymous said...

Would we consider a Police reunion without Sting as Advanced? Obviously this is a stretch, and I am not intentionally making a comparison of the two bands, but I kind of agree with Henry.


Advanced Genius Theory said...

I agree with Henry, as well. The Jam reunion isn't Advanced, but it is pretty great.

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second! This is not a full Jam reunion. The official announcement clearly states that two thirds of the original line up (Foxton and Buckler) will be going on the road under the moniker of "From The Jam: Bruce Foxton and Rick Buckler". They will be performing all of the Jam's best known songs. What's more, tickets went on sale for 20 UK shows in May, and I think the entire tour is virtually sold out within 48 hours. Jam fans have been demanding that the original band performs the songs in concert. The fact remains that many Jam fans are happy to pay to see two thirds of the original line-up do their thing. Weller has said in the past that he doesn't want to do a reunion, however, the fact that this tour is selling out leads me to believe that the Jam's music mean more to people, now, more than ever before. Weller wrote the majority of songs and he'd be a fool not to join in for the fun and excitement.

Anonymous said...

Here's what looks like the official UK press release website for the forthcoming tour -

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys - here's the full link