Monday, July 11, 2005

Air Supply at the Karl Marx Theater

According to the USA Today, Air Supply is going to be playing Cuba:

Air Supply are performing for two nights in Cuba, adding the communist country to a list of exotic venues including North Vietnam, Lebanon and mainland China. Vocalist Russell Hitchcock said the rock group, which rose to popularity in the 1980s with the song All Out of Love, produces music that is able to transcend language.

...Cuba invited Air Supply to the island, indicating a new pattern of encouraging rock and pop music in a country where rockers were once chastised for having long hair. A large crowd attended the Thursday night show in an open-air venue next to the Malecon, the city's famed seawall. A second performance was scheduled Friday at the Karl Marx theater.

Ahead of Air Supply's arrival, Cuba's Juventud Rebelde newspaper said group members "became idols for thousands of Cubans in the '80s, who 'sang' their songs despite barely speaking English." "But we would have never imagined that one day they would come here," the newspaper said. "And here they are!"
I wonder if this will lead to an Air Revolution? Will "Even the Nights Are Better" succeed where JFK and every American president since failed?

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