Friday, July 22, 2005

Robert Pollard: Suitcase Full of Blues

Here's the latest on Robert Pollard, the anti-My Bloody Valentine, from

Former Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard has revealed details of several upcoming projects, including a highly anticipated second volume of the "Suitcase" archival series and an accompanying vinyl "Briefcase" release with extra tracks.

First up on Sept. 27 will be the EP "Music for 'Bubble'" via Pollard's Fading Captain label. According to the artist's official Web site, Pollard was approached by director Steven Soderbergh to record music for his upcoming film "Bubble," which arrives this fall in U.S. theaters. The EP sports four full-band tracks and two instrumentals.

Due Oct. 31, the material on the four-disc, 100-track "Guided By Voices: Suitcase II -- American Superdream Wow" ranges from the late '70s through this spring, and, as on the first volume, credits each song to a different band depending on the musicians involved.

...The vinyl-only "Briefcase 2 -- The Return of Milko Waif" includes 16 tracks from "Suitcase 2" such as "I Am Decided," "Mannequin's Complaint," "Perch Warble," "You're Not the Queen Anymore" and "Lonely Town." The collection also boasts two tracks not found on the box set: "Lion W/Thorn in Paw" and "Superwhore," the latter recorded with Steve Albini.
Thank goodness, because these last couple of hours without a new GBV release were terribly traumatic.

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