Thursday, July 14, 2005

Do Androids Dream of Electric Ska?

According to, Madness would have performed at Live 8, but they were already booked at a corporate gig:

The band entertained staff at software giant Microsoft on 2 July (05) - but frontman SUGGS defends their decision, insisting their actions helped keep philanthropic Microsoft boss BILL GATES rich so he could carry on helping those less fortunate.

But the singer is annoyed Gates snubbed their gig - to attend Live 8 himself. He says, "That f**ker went to f**king Live 8 and left us to it, he didn't even show up! He left us playing to 4,000 Microsoft androids! All shaking their head in time to the rocking beat!

"But by keeping his staff happy [how do you make an android happy? -JH] we're making him more money so he can give more money to charity, so that's our excuse for doing it."
I'm convinced.

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