Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Danzig: Back in the Blackest of the Black

According to livedaily.com, Danzing is gearing up for the second "Blackest of the Black" tour:

Glen Danzig (tickets | bio), frontman of dark-metal outfit Danzig, has tapped Chimair, Behemoth, Himsa, Mortiis and The Agony Scene to join him on the sophomore edition of his "Blacket on Black" traveling festival.

..."'The Blackest of the Black' tour is for extreme bands that sell out venues across the country, that sell records, but don't get radio play or get on MTV," Danzig said in a statement. "It's anti the corporate crap nu-rap-metal that gets shoved down fans' throats at other concerts."

...During the upcoming tour, Danzig's performances will feature former Misfits guitarist Doyle Von Frankenstein [that's "Fronk-en-steen!" -jh] for a special 30-minute set of Misfits classics, according to a press release.

"Black Aria II," Danzig's 10th album, is expected to surface later this year. The set is the follow-up to 1993's "Black Aria," which reached the No. 1 position on Billboard's Classical chart. In addition to his musical pursuits, Glenn Danzig is in the process of shooting a film adaptation of "Gerouge," one of the comic book titles distributed by his Veritok publishing company. Danzig wrote the screenplay and is directing the flick, for which no release date has been set.
I wonder when he had time to go to film school? Pretty impressive.

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