Tuesday, July 05, 2005

U2 Keeps Their Pants

According to the BBC, a judge has agreed with U2 that a former stylist depanted them without permission:

Rock band U2 have won their court fight for the return of memorabilia - including a Stetson hat - which they accused a former stylist of stealing. The judge at Dublin's Circuit Court said he preferred the evidence frontman Bono gave over Lola Cashman's testimony that the items had been given as gifts. Judge Matthew Deery ordered Ms Cashman to return the items, which also include earrings, within seven days.

...Judge Deery said he found Ms Cashman's version of how she had been given the items doubtful, particularly her description of Bono running around in his underpants backstage. "It seems to me that Ms Cashman's version of events, the giving of the hat, is unlikely to have occurred," he said. Ms Cashman had testified that Bono had given her the items, which also included a sweatshirt and black trousers, as gifts. But Bono said he would not have given away the items, which he considered had iconic status, particularly the hat.
Yes, particularly the hat.

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