Friday, July 15, 2005

Pixies Headed for the Studio

According to the Pixies have a future together:

Reformed alt-rock legends PIXIES are planning to record their first album in 14 years. The band’s frontman Black Francis has confirmed the band, who got back together last year to huge acclaim, are preparing to make their first studio album since 1991’s ’Trompe Le Monde’. He told The Sun: “It's all hugs and kisses, I'm pleased to report.

"We have been discussing recording a new album lately. As happy as we are with the success of the reunion tour, we really want to make a record for the right reasons, whether it is successful commercially or not." He added: "We would be satisfied if it played like our other records, never chart-topping but always in print."
It's amazing what a well-received, highly lucrative reunion tour will do for a guy's attitude. Even though I know it's next to impossible, I'm praying for an Advanced record from them. By definition I can't predict what form of Advancement they would take (Advanced artists never do what is expected of them or the opposite of what is expected of them), but I'd be glad for anything.

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